Fascina is a pioneer in the design, application and maintenance of PVC-U products, with remarkable experience in creating innovative window and door systems. Our products are as aesthetically appealing as they are supremely functional, providing comprehensive protection while fitting perfectly with any contemporary architectural concept.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for 10 Years

Our 10-year guarantee is proof of our level of confidence in our products and solutions. It’s also an affirmation of your smart investment choice that will protect and enhance your home for the next decade.

Hassle-Free Installation

With our team of in-house installers, you can be sure of the highest quality workmanship when it comes to applying our systems to your home. This takes away the worry, and the hassle, of having third party contractors lacking the right expertise performing the installations.

Low Maintenance, High Value

One of the key benefits of our PVC-U products is their ease of maintenance; the homogenous finish means scratches are easily polished, keeping your windows and doors looking brand new for many years to come! The smooth finishing also makes it difficult for dust and dirt to settle, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, effective heat insulation also helps you save on electricity and cooling bills!

Attentive After Sales Service

With Fasci-Care Service, you can be assured of timely and professional after-sales service. Our customer service experts are always on hand to address your concerns, working hand-in-hand with our technical consultants to ensure all your needs are met.


Using the perfect PVC-U formulation, Fascina produces solutions that are water tight, heat insulating, impact and fade resistant, highly durable, resilient and strong, lightweight and environmentally conscious. With all the benefits mentioned, Fascina PVC-U window and doors systems are also low in maintenance.

So for multi-purpose, versatile and beautiful windows and doors that protect as well as enhance your home while reducing energy costs, improving comfort and bringing total peace of mind, open up to Fascina.