Water Tightness

All Dried Out



Completely Seals Off Rain
and Water


In Malaysia, thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are as much a part of life as the constant sunshine. Periods of unbearably hot weather can be instantly replaced with a relentless tropical deluge, so weathering, especially of external structures, is of particular concern. Many a home has fallen victim to seepage, which can cause widespread, and long- term, problems such as fungal growth and unpleasant odours.

Which is why Fascina seepage proof, watertight system is such a revelation to Malaysia consumers. High quality thermoplastic rubber gaskets and double sealing integrate with our breakthrough built-in drainage system to prevent water from seeping through corners and crevices. Specially designed with weep holes and euro grooves for efficient drainage, effectively keeping your home dry and comfortable


Getting Technical

Fascina products are regularly put through watertightness tests, based on the following:

  • Open and close window 5 times
  • Positive pressure of 0, 90, 180, 270, 360 Pa applied for a duration of 5 minutes each (15 minutes for OPa)
  • All points of water penetration recorded

SS212:2000 Requirements No water leakage up to test pressure at a water spray of 4L/min/m2