Glazing Options

Glazing Options

Single Float Glass (Monolithic-“mono”)

Single thickness i.e 6 mm thick. Can be divided into 2 types:

  • Clear: Glass without tint.
    Choice of glass starts from 6 mm thick onwards
  • Tinted: Glass with tint.
    Also called body tinted.Choice of glass starts from 6 mm thick onwards.

For safety and aesthetic enchancement, monolithic glass can be further value added subject to type of use.


Single Float Glass subject to toughening process through heat treatment at temperature above 600°C. Toughened glass at about 10,000psi is four times stronger than ordinary single float glass with thermal shock resistance. When tempered glass is broken, it will fall out therefore may cause injury. For additional safety, tempered glass can be laminated. In the event when tempered glass is broken, the bonding by the interlayer will prevent falling out of the broken pieces.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has more than one piece of glass in the total thickness, usually two pieces of glass at minimum. It will be laminated using interlayer in the centre of the two minimum. It will be laminated using interlayer in the centre of the two glasses facing each other back to back.

Wide variety of glasses can be chose:

  • i.e. single float, tinted, reflective, tempered, fritted, stained glass to be used in the laminated glass combination.

The total glass thickness is usually subject to glass type and thickness of interlayer

  • i.e. Total glass thickness = Glass thickness + Interlayer thickness + Glass thickness or 8.38 mm total glass thickness = 4 mm thick glass + 0.38 mm interlayer thickness + 4 mm thick glass.

This is a better form of safety glass compared with monolithic tempered glass as the bonding provided by the interlayer will hold the glass when broken prevent injury and allow sufficient time for replacement. The interlayer will also delay break-ins. Beside, the interlayer (PVB) have ability to stop ultraviolet ray transmittance into the building.

Crime Prevention Glass (CP)(Provide table of specs)

CP is a laminated glass design with the purpose to provide security in compliance to international standard. Its configuration is the same as laminated glass. Interlayer used here is made of chemical resin (PU) providing high resistant to penetration in the events of break-in.